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Maryland Diversity Leadership Councils


The Maryland Democratic Party understands that our state’s diversity is its greatest strength. By working to energize all communities throughout Maryland, we will truly be able to realize our greatest potential.  Maryland Diversity Leadership Councils create a foundation for activism that is both inclusive and sustainable, led by volunteer Diversity Leadership Council Chairs.


To energize activists throughout the state, register voters, amplify the Democratic message, engage with members of diverse communities, and supplement the coordinated campaign to turn out Democratic voters throughout Maryland. In non-campaign cycles the Councils are responsible for increasing inclusiveness, capacity building, voter educationand empowerment of Maryland’s diverse communities.

Targeted Communities:

  1. African American
  2. Asian American Pacific Islander
  3. Continental African
  4. Latinx
  5. LGBTQ+
  6. People with Disabilities
  7. Progressives
  8. Seniors
  9. Veterans


  1. The DLC Network will operate under the direction of the Maryland Democratic Party’s Executive Director, Operations Director, and Political & Field Departments.
  2. Diversity Leadership Council Chairs will manage each individual Leadership Council. According to the by-laws of the Maryland Democratic Party, DLC Chairs are appointed by the Party Chair for a two-year term with the consent of the Executive Committee.
  3. Additionally, according to the by-laws, the Young Democrats of Maryland and the United Democratic Womens’ Clubs of Maryland are entitled to a representative on the Executive Committee.
  4. Appointees of the Diversity Leadership Council shall be subject to the same substantive rules of ethical guidance as state public officials to assure that they shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that reflects credibility of the office that they serve.
  5. During Primary campaigns, the Democratic Leadership Councils may not be used to the advantage of one candidate over another, except insofar as services and information are equally available to all Democratic candidates.


  1. Membership in the Diversity Leadership Council is open to all registered Democrats in the State of Maryland. Persons under the age for registering to vote are encouraged to participate in the activities of the Councils.
  2. Discrimination in the conduct of the affairs of the DLC on the basis of sex, race, age (if of voting age), disability, religion, economic status, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin is prohibited.
  3. Members will not at any time, in any fashion, form or manner, either directly or indirectly, disclose or communicate to any person or entity, any non-public or proprietary information concerning the MDP or its operations or programs, or any other information deemed confidential by the MDP
  4. Any member of the Council who violates the Charter and Bylaws of the Maryland Democratic Party or protocols as laid out in this document are subject to removal by recommendation of the Political Director by authority of the Maryland Democratic Party Chair.
  5. This program and all related materials are the property of the Maryland Democratic Party.

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