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The mission of the Maryland Democratic Party (MDP) LGBTQ+ Diversity Leadership Council is to energize activists through the state, register voters, amplify the Democratic message, engage with members of the diverse LGBTQ+ communities, and supplement the coordinated campaign to turn out Democratic voters throughout Maryland. In non campaign cycles the LGBTQ+ Diversity Leadership Council is responsible for increasing inclusiveness, capacity building, voter education, and empowerment of Maryland’s diverse communities. By working to energize all LGBTQ+ communities throughout Maryland, we will truly be able to realize our greatest potential. The Maryland Democratic Party LGBTQ+ Diversity Leadership Council creates a foundation for activism that is both inclusive and sustainable.

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Mia Mason | Chair

Mia Mason was the 2020 Democratic nominee in MD-01 and ran against multi-term incumbent, and radical right-wing Republican, Congressman Andy Harris. Her courageous race focused on the opportunities presented by the expanded vote by mail system, and her fight saw the First District reach all-newlevels of voter participation. Her candidacy represents a watershed moment for Maryland politics, as Mia was the first candidate in our State’s history to achieve nominee status while an open member of the LGTBQ+ community.  As a Trans-rights advocate, she has fought to expand the rights of members of her community to serve our Nation in the military. She has spoken nationally at the Women’s March of 2018, National Geospatial Agency in 2019, Armed Forces Virtual Events in 2020, and is a regular guest and voice on Inside Out LGBT Radio that covers the whole of the DMV area. After the 2020 Election cycle, Mia served her community at the mass vaccination site in Anne Arundel County, at the US Naval Academy stadium to help assist in vaccinating over 25,000 Marylanders. While she briefly considered running for CD-01 in 2022, family health issues forced her to withdraw. Mia is a 20-year military veteran, who has served overseas in five combat tours for the Navy, and Army, and is now retired from the DC National Guard. She understands Politics, Leadership, Advanced Electronics, NGP, Community Relations, Infantry Combat Skills, and more with moral courage, honor, and commitment by working to protect her fellow soldiers from danger or those of the LGBT Community. Mia is looking forward to continuing her work unifying, training, and conducting outreach to all Marylanders within the LGBTQ+ community.

Twitter: @Mia4MD  Instagram: @Mia4MD Facebook: @Mia4MD

[email protected] Cell: 410-94-MASON (410-946-2766)

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