Matthews Lauds State Sen. Mathias’ Commitment to Fighting for Ocean City at Annual Worcester County Kennedy-King Dinner

Apr 30, 2018

Salisbury, MD — Today, Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews lauded State Senator Jim Mathias’ commitment to fighting for Ocean City at the Worcester County Democratic Central Committee’s annual Kennedy-King Dinner.  Matthews’ remarks as prepared for the delivery follow:


I am excited about all the Democratic energy in MD and here in Worcester County. Great to be back at the beautiful Atlantic Hotel here in Berlin. I visited last summer and met many of you for the first time.


I see this same energy all over the state. I was in Charles County last night for their Truman-Kennedy-Obama Dinner, and spent last weekend in western Maryland with the five county central committees at their annual summit.


Our 2018 strategy is all Maryland, all 24 counties and Baltimore City, and all zip code. And I have to thank Josh Nordsrom and your central committee for their support.


We have a special opportunity in 2018 to take back our government and send a signal to Washington that Maryland will not abide the lack of values and disregard for everyday Americans that we see from the Trump Administration.


But to have a Blue Wave, here in Maryland, along our ocean shores, we must be intentional and take nothing for granted. Because the Republicans have shown that they will fight dirty.


Already we’re seeing the race-baiting and scare-mongering hit our state with fake news and false charges from the national GOP that are recycled in our local races, including here on the eastern shore.


You know, you have a tremendous advocate in Senator Jim Mathias.


He has fought for Ocean City as Mayor and now in Annapolis. In this session, he led the way to make sure companies would be liable for any damage caused by off-shore drilling.


He stood up for workers to make sure that labor contracts remain in force during negotiations until a new one is ratified.


He stood up for our students to make sure the gambling money that was intended for public schools goes into a lockbox for education funding.


He stood up for cancer survivors to make sure insurance pays for fertility procedures to make sure they can have children after treatment.


He stood up for small businesses by introducing a bill to raise the cap of how much liquor a local distillery can make and hold on-sight. This will help Seacrets grow their business and create jobs.


He knows that all politics is local, and so he also passed his bill to limit speed limits in special events zones in Worcester County.


It’s our job – your job – to be the truth squad to stand up to the fake news and false charges and tell your neighbors about all the good things Jim has done for this district.


I know we’ll re-elect Jim, and other Democrats here on the eastern shore because we have truth and good values on our side.


But we’ll need to work very hard, and we are.


We have more Democrats running for office statewide—1300 compared with 1100 in 2014. We learned in Virginia that we win elections from the ground up. The energy in local and legislative races fuels success at the top with our gubernatorial candidate.


We also have been listening to voters like never before, and we know their concerns.


Statewide, over the past year, we reached out to 100,000 voters at the doors and phone banks. We had 10,000 deep conversations about the issues.


Statewide, and here on the shore, the top three issues were protecting healthcare, supporting public education, and the economy, including improving wages and opportunity.


Jim knows that, and that’s why he worked with Democrats to stabilize our healthcare insurance markets, invest in public schools and get millions of dollars in funding for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. It’s why he’s making sure your Ocean City economy is strong and creates new jobs.


We need your help: now, as we go into Phase Two of our canvassing, and the day after the primary, when we ask for Democratic Unity. Supporting Democrats at the grassroots all the way up to the governorship.


While Democrats like Jim Mathias have your back, we believe Larry Hogan has shortchanged Maryland, and we can do better.


That’s what gets me up every morning, and why I’ll be here with you!