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Maryland Democratic Party Lauds Congress for Starting Reconciliation Process for COVID-19 Relief

Feb 04, 2021

All Nine of Maryland’s Democratic Members of Congress Vote to Begin the Process

MARYLAND Thursday, February 4th, Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis released the following statement after the House and Senate voted to begin the budget reconciliation process, a proceeding that will allow for much needed COVID-19 relief to finally reach the American people:  

“The American people need bold and aggressive COVID-19 relief as quickly as possible. Marylanders are struggling to put food on their tables, keep a warm, safe roof above their head, and pay their bills; they are not concerned about the means through which they get aid — but rather the size and scope of the aid they receive. By pursuing the budget reconciliation process for President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, Congress will be able to deliver the relief Maryland needs as we work to get the pandemic under control and build our economy back better. 

“This vote means we’re one step closer to direct checks in the pockets of Marylanders, further assistance to those who have lost their jobs, and billions of dollars in vaccine distribution funding. President Biden pledged to take on the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic devastation — with yesterday’s votes he’s continued to make good on this pledge, and we see what a Democratic Congress and President can deliver for the American people. 

“I’m proud of Maryland’s nine Democratic Members of Congress who voted to begin the COVID-19 relief process through budget reconciliation, and I’m grateful for their leadership on this pressing issue. Maryland is well represented by them and we are grateful to Majority Leader Hoyer who has championed this aid

“It’s unfortunate that Rep. Andy Harris voted against this process that will deliver COVID-19 relief to the people of his district, our state, and our country. Rep. Harris has repeatedly downplayed the severity of this crisis, so it’s sadly not surprising that he would oppose aid for those in need — he continues to be an embarrassment.”