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Maryland Democratic Party Praises Efforts To Improve Unemployment System

Feb 04, 2021

MARYLAND Thursday, February 4th, Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis released the following statement after Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly introduced bills to fix the state’s unemployment system:  

“The current Maryland Unemployment Insurance system is difficult to navigate, unnecessarily restrictive, and inadequate to address the crises at hand. Thousands of Marylanders have been unable to access Unemployment Insurance they deserve, and many have been unable to even speak to caseworkers.

“Today’s legislative package from Democrats in the Maryland House and Senate is an important step to fix the shortcomings of the current unemployment system, and address the failures of the Hogan administration. The legislation will:

  • Get Marylanders the money they deserve. 
  • Improve customer service and modernize systems.
  • Create accountability and oversight.
  • Prepare for the next emergency.

“While Governor Hogan has done nothing but bluster and blame, Speaker Jones and Senate President Ferguson have taken decisive action to solve the issues facing Marylanders. I’m grateful for their leadership today, and every day.”