Callous Comments on MD Job Losses Inspires Democratic Digital Campaign Against Hogan

Jan 12, 2018

Annapolis, MD — Today, the Maryland Democratic Party launched NotTheEndOfTheWorld.orgto call attention to Governor Larry Hogan’s tone-deaf comments about 1,300 lost jobs with Discovery Communications’ move from Silver Spring to New York. is designed to provide Marylanders with information about Governor Hogan’s record as the first Maryland governor to lose a Fortune 500 company to a rival state in decades, and his callous reaction to that news. It is also home to a new web video that puts his heartless reaction in contrast with that of concerned Silver Spring community members.

“Governor Hogan may think that losing 1,300 jobs is no big deal, but it is to the employees and businesses that will be impacted by this loss,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Fabion Seaton. “Hogan showed his true colors with his callous comments, and now Marylanders can see for themselves that he is an out-of-touch politician who thinks that losing a job doesn’t matter.”