Maryland Democrats Take Action to Protect Taxpayers from GOP Tax Scam

Jan 16, 2018

Annapolis, MD — Today, Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly released a Taxpayer Protection Plan to protect Marylanders from the GOP tax scam.  Governor Larry Hogan, who sat on the sidelines while Republicans in Congress rammed through their historically unpopular bill, still has no plan to protect Maryland taxpayers.

“Instead of joining Maryland taxpayers on the frontlines of the fight against the GOP tax scam, Governor Hogan ducked and dodged the issue, and he still has not revealed a plan to protect Maryland taxpayers,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews.  “Democrats in the statehouse have unveiled a plan that will protect vital programs like education while giving back hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes to Maryland taxpayers.”

The Taxpayer Protection Plan will:

  • Put $680 million back in the Maryland taxpayers’ pockets. The plan restores Maryland’s longstanding personal exemptions—which were eliminated by Congress in the tax scam bill—to put $680 million back in the pockets of Marylanders.
  • Prevent the wealthiest Maryland families from avoiding estate tax. The plan decouples Maryland’s estate tax from the federal estate tax, which was doubled under the GOP tax scam from $11.2 million to $22.4 million.
  • Allow Marylanders to make charitable contributions to public education. The plan creates a new charitable fund solely benefiting public education statewide, which will allow Marylanders to fund public education and deduct the contribution from their taxes to counteract the $10,000 deduction on State and Local Taxes deductions.