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Controversy Grows as MD Callers Criticize Hogan over “Facebook Ban”

Feb 23, 2017

Annapolis, Md. – Governor Larry Hogan’s “Facebook ban” controversy continues to grow as Marylanders called into a Kojo Nnamdi Show today to criticize the governor’s censorship and share their stories of getting blocked online.

Governor Hogan and his team were caught recently deleting comments and banning his critics on his official Facebook. In total, more than 450 people have been blocked from Hogan’s page over the past two years.

Several callers on today’s show were critical of Hogan’s censorship, and several shared their personal story of getting blocked from Hogan’s official Facebook page. Below are a few examples:

Olney Caller: “I was cordial. I was friendly … I was blocked after asking the question about where does Maryland stand with the Muslim ban. The next day my comment was gone and I could no longer comment.”

Frederick Caller: “… In terms of whether we think this is going to impact [Hogan’s] re-election or the future of his political career. And I say absolutely.

[…] I think the fact that [Hogan] is blocking people on his Facebook page is just another form of avoidance.”

Chevy Chase Caller: “I was blocked by Governor Hogan about a year ago. Around six months ago I called the office of the Governor to ask about being reinstated, and I never heard back.”

Listen to the entire segment:

The following statement was released by Maryland Democratic Party executive director Chuck Conner:

“The controversy surrounding Governor Larry Hogan’s ‘Facebook ban’ isn’t going away, and angry Marylanders are making their voices heard.”

“Governor Hogan owes Marylanders answers, including whether public taxpayer dollars and resources were used to silence their voices and whether first amendment rights were violated.”