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Ehrlich Redux: Hogan Approval Drops Amid Trump Pressure

Feb 27, 2017

Annapolis, Md. – A new Goucher Poll shows that Governor Larry Hogan’s favorability has fallen seven points since September (70% to 63%) when the poll was last conducted.

Here are key takeaways:

-11 Point Swing Against Hogan in Last Seven Weeks. To put this into context with other recent Maryland polling, that is a -11 point swing in favorability for Hogan over the last seven weeks. A Gonzales Research poll released in early January placed Hogan at 74% approval.

Trump on Marylanders’ Minds. According to the poll, “55 percent say their views toward President Trump will influence their vote a lot or some” in relation to the 2018 gubernatorial election.

Hogan’s Approval Decline Appears Unique and Non-Cyclical. The Baltimore Sun reports that “this is the first time [Hogan’s] job approval rating has declined” in the five times it has conducted such polling since he took office in January 2015.

Precedence for a National Drag. Maryland is not new to a national drag. Former Governor Bob Ehrlich’s 2006 re-election loss is credited in part to George W. Bush’s unpopularity. Ehrlich retained a popularity in the high 50s a week out from election day.

Outside Maryland. A Massachusetts-based pollster noted this morning that in light of today’s findings, GOP Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is also seeing a decline in favorability.

The following statement was released by Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Bryan Lesswing:

“Marylanders are beginning to turn on Governor Larry Hogan as he fails to stand up to Donald Trump’s agenda that will endanger Maryland’s environment, threatens families’ health care and looms over the state’s economy.”

“By refusing to stand up to Trump, Governor Hogan has already made his allegiances clear. And at this point any reversal by Hogan would just show that he listens more to polls than to Marylanders.”

New Web Video. The Maryland Democratic Party released a new web video earlier today highlighting Hogan’s record of putting partisan politics ahead of Maryland.
While Governor Larry Hogan doesn’t have much to say about Trump’s unqualified cabinet picks and reckless agenda that stands to hurt Maryland, he previously vowed to make Barack Obama a “one-term president,” called Obama “unacceptable” and questioned his integrity.