Republican Larry Hogan Open to Supporting Anti-Abortion Rights Extremist Rick Scott For Senate GOP Leader

May 23, 2024

Hogan did not dismiss supporting Scott whose agenda includes banning abortion nationwide and sunsetting Social Security and Medicare

Republican Larry Hogan “did not dismiss” backing “a more conservative option such as Sen. Rick Scott” for Senate Republican Leader. Scott supports “any” anti-choice bill, including a national abortion ban, and will push a plan to sunset Social Security and Medicare that would spike costs for seniors and families and rip away hard-earned benefits.

“Larry Hogan has been clear: he will caucus with Republicans and empower Republican extremists like Rick Scott to push their agenda of banning abortion and sunsetting Medicare and Social Security. Marylanders know what is at stake in this election and will stand against turning the Senate over to Republicans,” said Maryland Democratic Party Spokesperson Lindsay Reilly.