Maryland Democrats Unite and Show Strength in the US Senate and Congressional Races

May 23, 2024

Maryland Democrats Unite and Show Strength in the

US Senate and Congressional Races

Elected Leaders, nominees, and candidates share the stage in Prince George’s County demonstrating party unity heading into the November General Election 

Greenbelt, MD – In a significant display of party unity, Democratic nominees were joined for a unity rally by elected leaders, other unsuccessful candidates, and members of the public in Prince George’s County. In a filled ballroom with only standing room left, County Executive Angela Alsobrooks received the full endorsement of Congressman David Trone, Senator Ben Cardin, Governor Moore, Senator Chris Van Hollen, Congressman Hoyer, and the rest of the Maryland Delegation and elected statewide Democrats.

In addition, Democratic nominees Blane Miller (1st Congressional District), County Executive Johnny Olszewski (2nd Congressional District), State Senator Sarah Elfreth (3rd Congressional District) and April McClain-Delaney (6th Congressional District) received support from their primary election competitors.

You can access this high quality photo for reproduction here and additional photos here. Photos are courtesy of the Maryland Democratic Party here.

Support for the entire Democratic ticket was expressed by all attendees including Democratic leaders.

“We must unite behind Angela Alsobrooks,“ said Congressman David Trone. “We’ve got to come together, it’s bigger than us.”

“Marylanders are fired up – and we’re not done yet,” said County Executive Angela Alsobrooks. “Larry Hogan is a lifelong Republican who would caucus with the Republican Party to move us backward.”

“We stand united behind Angela Alsobrooks.“ said Governor Wes Moore. “Angela Alsobrooks is a champion for a woman’s right to choose and has spent her career making Maryland a safe haven for reproductive health care.“

“Angela Alsobrooks has our full support!” said Senator Ben Cardin. “It is so important to preserve our senate majority. We are talking about the Supreme Court. We are talking about democracy. We are talking about a woman’s right to choose. We are talking about labor rights.”

“Angela Alsobrooks is an amazing public servant and will be an outstanding U.S. Senator,” said Senator Chris Van Hollen. “We know that, by standing together, Angela will defeat Larry Hogan in November and make sure the MAGA Republicans do not seize control of the Senate. I know that Angela will be a great partner in the Senate so we can build upon the legacy of Senator Ben Cardin in the fight for Marylanders’ freedoms and values.”