Will Hogan Profit From The GOP Tax Scam and #CorkerKickback?

Dec 19, 2017

Annapolis, MD — As House Republicans prepare to vote on their $1.5 trillion tax scam, Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews is calling on Governor Larry Hogan to disclose if, and how much, he stands to profit from the GOP tax scam and the #CorkerKickback.

Republican lawmakers inserted a last minute provision to give the owners of limited liability corporations with long-term real estate holdings, like Governor Hogan and President Donald Trump, a tax cut on their “pass-through” income.

“Despite mountains of evidence showing that this tax scam will be a disaster for Maryland families and the fact that Maryland is one of the states hardest hit by this bill, Governor Hogan has not lifted a finger to fight for our state,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews. “Hogan’s failure to fight for Marylanders is not only shameful, it casts doubt on his commitment to representing the interests of our state.  With the addition of the ‘Corker Kickback’ to Republicans’ tax scam, the hundreds of thousands of Marylanders who will see their taxes go up deserve to know if, and how much, Governor Hogan will profit from this immoral bill.”

Marylanders have been fighting back against this effort to jack up their taxes, but Governor Hogan has refused to join them in this fight.  Republicans Governors around the country have opposed the GOP tax scam, including Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, John Kasich of Ohio, and Phil Scott of Vermont.  When asked about standing up for Marylanders on a recent interview, Governor Hogan said, “that’s not my job.”