Washington Post Reports That Hogan Campaign Airs False Ad

Aug 22, 2018

Annapolis, MDThe Hogan campaign continued their misleading campaign tactics on Tuesday, releasing a new television advertisement on taxes. In the ad, Larry Hogan says, “We have not had a single tax increase the entire time I’ve been governor.” 


There’s only one problem. The Washington Post immediately reported, “In fact, several Maryland taxes have increased over the past few years.” They include increases in the gas tax and higher state income taxes. 


The ad also repeats a debunked claim that Hogan delivered “1.2 billion in tax, toll, and fee relief” without listing a citation. Reacting to that claim, The Baltimore Sun wrote in June, “Hogan…inflates the amount of money he’s returned to taxpayers.”


The Baltimore Sun wrote, “It also is inaccurate to say there have been no new tax increases during Hogan’s tenure.”


The Hogan campaign is also benefiting from a blatantly false attack ad paid for by Washington Republicans, in which they selectively edit half a statement by Ben Jealous to completely change its meaning. 


“This week we’ve seen proof that the standards of honesty have disappeared with Larry Hogan’s fellow Republican Donald Trump in the White House, and now we’re seeing the same thing with Larry Hogan’s deliberately misleading campaign ads. Marylanders deserve to hear the truth,” said Maryland Democratic Party chair Kathleen Matthews. “Between doubling health care premiums and stagnant wages, Maryland voters are feeling the pinch. Living in Maryland has gotten less affordable under Larry Hogan.”