MD Dems to Run Robust Turnout Operation in Montgomery County

Aug 24, 2018

Annapolis, MD—The Maryland Democratic Party today announced that it will run a robust turnout operation in Montgomery County in compliance with the county’s new public financing laws.

“Under Montgomery County’s new public campaign financing system, publicly financed candidates are prohibited from accepting contributions from outside organizations including the state party – accordingly, the Maryland Democratic Party cannot coordinate its activities with any publicly financed candidate in Montgomery County as it does with other candidates around the state,” said Maryland Democratic Party attorney Joe Sandler.

As reported earlier in the Baltimore Sun, the Maryland Democratic Party will be operating an all-county field program across Maryland in 2018, organizing in all 23 counties and Baltimore City.  The program is focused on turning out base Democratic voters, both registered Democrats and unaffiliated voters aligned with Democrats, including those who voted in 2010 but not 2014 and newer registrants. 

The party’s operation in Montgomery County will include more than one dozen organizers focused on recruiting volunteers and mobilizing voters.  The party held its Montgomery County canvass launch two weeks ago and will be contacting voters in Montgomery County every day from now through Election Day.  An official Montgomery County coordinated campaign office opening will take place in the coming days.