Statement on Washington Examiner Story

May 21, 2019

“It appears a conservative front group and a news outlet funded by a Republican billionaire are pushing a hit piece filled with faulty research, lies and innuendo in an attempt to tarnish my personal reputation, professional work and public service as well as that of my spouse, U.S. Congressman Elijah E. Cummings— who holds a critical oversight role in our nation’s government.

As the Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party, and as a public policy professional with nearly three decades of experience I reject this distasteful attempt to intimidate my family into silence at such a pivotal moment in our nation’s history.

In 2006, my firm, Global Policy Solutions LLC (GPS) was pleased to win a childhood obesity prevention grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).  In this role, I was honored to direct a national initiative focused on helping states and localities advance healthy eating and active living initiatives in an effort to combat the nation’s growing childhood obesity epidemic.

In 2012, I founded the Center for Global Policy Solutions (CGPS), a 501c3 nonprofit, to pursue my interest in doing more charitable work focused on tackling disparities in health, education, economic security and technology. After the formation of CGPS, subsequent RWJF grant awards were applied for and received by the nonprofit entity because our childhood obesity prevention work was charitable in nature.

Contrary to the assertions listed in the article, I never had any dealings with Johnson & Johnson; my spouse’s efforts to make lifesaving prescription drugs more affordable for Americans has nothing to do with my childhood obesity prevention work; and, although my firm GPS is listed on the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule, neither of the entities I founded and managed has ever applied for or secured a government contract. 

Additionally, the formation and operations of both GPS and CGPS have been guided by legal and accounting professionals and comply with accepted industry and ethical standards.

As the founder of two organizations, I am proud of the work we have accomplished throughout the years on behalf of children, seniors, families, workers, and women and men of all backgrounds. This attack only strengthens my resolve to serve and advance an inclusive and equitable agenda for everyone living in America.” — Maryland Democratic Party Chair Maya Rockeymoore Cummings