Real Moderate Charlie Baker Backs $15 Minimum Wage While Hogan Allows Maryland Families to Fall Behind

Jun 28, 2018

Annapolis, MD—While wages are rising in states around the country, Larry Hogan sits on his hands. Today, the “real moderate” Republican Governor Charlie Baker will sign legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 for workers in Massachusetts—a policy opposed by Larry Hogan.  Maryland Democratic Party chair Kathleen Matthews issued the following statement in response:

“Larry Hogan would have us believe that common-sense solutions that improve the lives of working families are radical, but the truth is that Governor Hogan is more concerned with maintaining his popularity than actually working to make the lives of working people better. 

“Ben Jealous is committed to raising the minimum wage to $15, instituting paid family and medical leave, and building an economy that works for everyone.”

Baltimore was one of only a handful of cities nationwide to see a rise in unemployment in May.  Additionally, Maryland has consistently trailed the nation and the region in wage growth under Hogan.  Since Hogan has been in office,workers nationwide have taken home an additional $5,300 in wage increases since Hogan entered office, while Maryland workers have taken home less than $1,000 in added wages under Hogan.  Virginia workers have taken home more than $8,000 more.