MDP Sets Record Straight on Earned Sick Leave

Dec 19, 2017

Annapolis, MD — Today, the Maryland Democratic Party issued a fact sheet to set the record straight on Governor Larry Hogan’s fictitious claims on earned sick leave.

“Governor Hogan could have worked with Democrats to give more than 700,000 Maryland workers access to earned sick leave,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews. “Instead, he has resorted to inaccurate claims about economic impact. Governor Hogan worked in secret with his business allies to create a plan that does not address the needs of Maryland workers and will not improve the lives of working families in Maryland.”

Click here and see below for the fact sheet.

Earned Sick Leave Fact vs Fiction

In May, Governor Larry Hogan vetoed the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act (HB1), which would have given more than 700,000 Maryland workers access to earned sick leave.  Instead of working with Democrats to improve the lives of Maryland workers, Governor Hogan has resorted to fear mongering to mislead Marylanders about HB1.

Let’s set the record straight:

Fiction: Hogan and his business allies claim HB1 will cost Maryland’s economy $1B and thousands of jobs.

Fact: First, a study conducted on the impact of Connecticut’s earned sick leave measure found that one and a half years after the law was implemented found that the law had modest-to-no impact on the costs or business operations of businesses and the “administrative burden was minimal.”  Second, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research found that providing earned sick leave to workers would save Maryland employers $132 million annually due to reduced turnover.  Lastly, a report by the nonpartisan Center for Law and Social Policy concluded that paid sick leave is good for business, improves workplace productivity and cuts down on costs.

Fiction: Hogan and his business allies claim that workers will be forced to reveal personal and private information to their employer to receive sick leave.

Fact:  Attorney General Frosh issued an opinion asserting that HB1 does not mandate employers to institute intrusive policies that force employees to disclose their reasons for taking earned sick leave.  That’s why women’s safety advocates in Maryland have lauded HB1 as “a step forward,” because it would empower victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence to participate in court proceedings and counseling without sacrificing their employment and financial security.

Fiction: Hogan claims he has tried to work with Democrats on earned sick leave legislation.

Fact:  Governor Hogan never responded to repeated requests for input on HB1 from Democrats in the General Assembly.