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Maryland Democratic Party Highlights The Efforts Of The Democratic Central Committees

Nov 30, 2020

Maryland – Monday, November 30th, as Marylanders wrap up a safe Thanksgiving weekend, and the holiday season begins — the Maryland Democratic Party is taking time to celebrate the Democratic Central Committees (DCCs) that are the backbone of the Party. DCCs support local Democratic candidates, run voter outreach programs, and keep the state party up to date on everything happening in each county. Their hard work and dedication have been key to the successes of the Party — they will be invaluable partners in the hundreds of state and local elections to come. 

“We saw historic victories across the state this year — from President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris’ landslide victory, to Mayor-elect Brandon Scott’s inspiring win in Baltimore — none of this would have been possible without the tireless efforts of our Democratic Central Committees. Their dedication to our counties, our state, and our people is unmatched. I am deeply grateful for all the hard work they have done, and am so proud of the victories we have achieved,” said Maryland Democratic Chair Yvette Lewis. “As we begin to build infrastructure and ramp up efforts for 2021 and 2022, our Democratic Central Committees will continue to play a pivotal role in supporting Democratic candidates across Maryland.”


Below are key accomplishments from some of our 24 Democratic Central Committees:  

Anne Arundel: The Anne Arundel DCC built a strong foundation for Democratic candidates across the county. Through record fundraising and volunteer recruitment, they were able to increase the Democratic vote share by 9% over 2016. These efforts also contributed to the record turnout of 76%. 

Baltimore City: The Baltimore City DCC excelled at the transition to campaigning during COVID-19 — they hosted a virtual GOTV rally that reached thousands of Baltimoreans, organized three Vote2BMore motorcades through the city to heighten voter awareness, and put on a virtual voter education forum to cover the absentee ballot process. 

Baltimore County: The Baltimore County DCC ran an unprecedented voter outreach effort that engaged over 4,657 newly registered voters through letters and postcards. They recruited 120 volunteers, organized over 95 events across Baltimore County, and distributed nearly 1600 Biden-Harris signs. Despite COVID-19, they had record engagement from volunteers resulting in increased voter turnout by nearly 12 points.

Carroll County: The Carroll County DCC distributed more signs and literature and recruited more volunteers than any other previous year, all while adapting to the global pandemic. This hard work resulted in a 7% increase in the Democratic vote share over the 2016 election results. 

Dorchester County: The Dorchester County DCC mobilized record numbers of volunteers, signs, and funds — building Democratic infrastructure in the county for years to come. They increased community engagement through social media, electronic and direct mailings, and participation in local events. 

Frederick County: The Frederick County DCC worked tirelessly to register Democrats and flip the county from Red to Blue. Thanks to their efforts, and as of Election Day there were 3,720 more registered Democrats than Republicans in the county; by contrast, on Election Day in 2016, there were 5,158 more Republicans. This voter registration swing was crucial to the Biden-Harris victory in Frederick County. 

Garrett County: The Garrett County DCC distributed more yard signs and barn signs in the community than ever before; including two electronic billboards during October. They also wrote and placed countless letters to the editor supporting the Biden-Harris ticket in their local paper. This led to Democrats gaining significantly over the 2016 results. 

Kent County: The Kent County DCC was dedicated to flipping Kent County Blue for the first time since 2008. They successfully mobilized volunteers, persuaded swing voters, and turned out historic numbers of Democrats to win by almost a percent and a half — a margin even larger than 2008.

Montgomery County: The Montgomery County DCC mobilized voters and volunteers in historic numbers. With over 2,500 volunteers, they made phone calls, wrote letters, sent texts, and traveled to swing states. They also sent an educational mailer to every single Democratic household in the county; staffed a hotline for voters who had questions or needed advice; had volunteers at every in-person voting site for early vote and poll location on Election Day. These efforts all led to a landslide victory for the Biden-Harris ticket. 

Prince George’s County: The Prince George’s County DCC quickly figured out how to get out the vote in unprecedented times. They organized a massive GOTV virtual rally & fundraiser, that featured celebrities, national political figures, and Democrats from across Maryland. They also hosted two separate Biden-Harris motorcades with over 100 participating vehicles. These efforts resulted in over 70% voter turnout and a Biden-Harris victory of nearly 90%. 

Talbot County: The Talbot County DCC worked night and day to ensure that the Biden-Harris ticket would be the first Democratic presidential ticket to win in Talbot County since 1964. They closed a 1,500 voter registration gap to under 1,000 in less than a year. This was done by recruiting 220 volunteers who carried out political operations for the Talbot County DCC throughout the cycle.

The Maryland Democratic Party has a Central Committee for each of Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City. You can find more information on each of the Democratic Central Committees here