Maryland Democratic Party Calls on Hogan to Release His NRA Questionnaires

Mar 23, 2018

Annapolis, MD — Ahead of the March for Our Lives to protest gun violence tomorrow, the Maryland Democratic Party is calling on Larry Hogan to release his answers to the National Rifle Association (NRA,) including a 2014 questionnaire that earned him an A-minus rating from the gun lobby group.  The demand for transparency follows Hogan’s cynical attempts to attack Democrats after the tragic shooting at Great Mills High School, which has now claimed the life of 16-year-old student Jaelynn Willey. Sensing the shift in the fight to prevent future gun violence, Hogan is trying to divert attention from his opposition to gun safety measures to make voters forget about his A-minus NRA rating and his history as a stooge for the gun lobby.

“I am heartbroken for Jaelynn Willey’s family and loved ones, and tomorrow I will be marching in her honor with Maryland students and parents against gun violence,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews.  “Governor Hogan lashing out at Democratic legislators, instead of working to find solutions to prevent these tragedies, is proof that he is feeling the heat of the Never Again Movement.  The thousands of Marylanders marching tomorrow, and the millions more demanding action to prevent gun violence, deserve to see what promises Governor Hogan made to the NRA to secure his A-minus rating.”

Hours after the shooting at Great Mills, Hogan did not address gun violence and chose instead to attack Democratic legislators over his school safety budget proposal, which was introduced only two weeks ago. 

Hogan’s childish outburst was the latest sign that he is feeling the heat from the Never Again Movement and is desperate to shift attention away from his record on guns, so let’s set the record straight:



  • Larry Hogan opposed and ridiculed as “silly” Democrats’ efforts to prevent individuals on the terrorist watch list from buying guns.


  • Hogan attempted to appoint an extremist gun advocate to the Handgun Permit Review Board.
  • Larry Hogan opposed Democratic legislation to ban guns on college campuses.
  • Larry Hogan opposed Democratic legislation to prevent convicted domestic abusers from owning guns.



  • Hogan accepts $4,000 in campaign donations from the NRA