Hogan’s Republican Party Defends Trump

May 22, 2018

Annapolis, MD — Maryland Republican Party Chair Dirk Haire defended Donald Trump at an annual gala with the Washington County Republicans last Friday, saying that Trump “has been successful” and is “making a fundamental difference.”  During his keynote address to the gala, Haire also called Attorney General Frosh “personified evil.”  Haire is a close advisor and campaign attorney to Larry Hogan, who hand-selected Haire to serve as MD GOP Chair.


“The only thing Donald Trump has done for Maryland is raise health insurance premiums and increase taxes for middle class families, while Attorney General Frosh has been protecting Maryland from Trump’s destructive policies,” said Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews.  “Maryland voters now know that Governor Hogan will defend and enable Donald Trump’s destructive policies, if elected to a second term.”


In the 2018 legislative session, Democrats stepped in to protect Marylanders from Donald Trump’s healthcare sabotage, which would have raised healthcare premiums in Maryland by as much as 91 percent.  Democrats also passed legislation to protect Maryland taxpayers from the GOP tax scam, which has funded hundreds of billions of dollars in stock buybacks to foreign investors paid for by middle class families in Maryland and Marylanders for generations to come.


On the Eastern Shore, crab houses are being devastated by Trump’s immigration policies, which has cut the seasonal workforce by 40 percent.

In 2017, Democrats in the state legislature passed legislation to allow Attorney General Frosh to sue the Trump administration on behalf of Marylanders and create a division of 5 attorneys within the Attorney General’s office to handle the workload; Hogan opposed the measure.  This year, Hogan refused to fund the division.