Hogan Keeps Trying—And Failing—To Run Away from His Partisan Record

Apr 20, 2018

Annapolis, MD –It’s clear that Larry Hogan thinks that his path to victory is running as hard as he can away from his record.  Following a meeting with Maryland’s congressional delegation yesterday, Hogan tried to paint an image of bipartisanship, despite Hogan’s habit of attacking Democrats in Maryland’s congressional delegation when he’s challenged.  Just last month Hogan childishly insulted Democratic members of the delegation after they asked him questions about his Hyperloop project.

Hogan also told reporters that Trump won’t “have much of an impact” on the 2018 election—defying every indication of an anti-Trump Blue wave in 2018.  It must be wishful thinking.

“Governor Hogan knows that he is facing a 2018 electorate hostile to Republicans, so his last ditch effort to save himself is to run as far away from his record as possible,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews.  “When Marylanders needed Governor Hogan most to fight for affordable healthcare and budget cuts important to Marylanders, he wasn’t there for them. Governor Hogan is dreaming if he thinks that Maryland voters will fall for his election-year act.”

Hogan cannot run away from his record of silence on Donald Trump and Washington Republicans’ attacks on Maryland. 

Last year, as Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Washington Republicans attacked Marylanders—trying to take away their healthcare with TrumpCare and raising their taxes with the GOP tax scam—Larry Hogan was silent. When members of the Maryland congressional delegation came to Annapolis to call on the governor to join them in the fight against TrumpCare, he accused them of “grandstanding.”

This year, Democrats kicked off the legislative session with a proposal to protect Maryland taxpayers from tax hikes in the GOP tax scam.  Hogan used more legislative gimmicks to challenge the effort. Again Hogan’s efforts failed and Democrats passed legislation to protect middle class Maryland families from the GOP tax scam without Hogan’s help.