Hogan Fails to Accept Responsibility for His Administration’s Unethical Practices

Apr 23, 2018

Annapolis, MD – Larry Hogan ended his scandal-ridden week with a Friday afternoon news dump where he failed to take responsibility for his administration’s unethical practices.  Hogan admitted that Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn and the Department of Transportation engaged in improper procurement practices which lacked transparency.  Under Rahn’s direction, the Maryland Department of Transportation attempted to steer a $70 million contract to HNTB Corporation, Rahn’s former employer and a major Hogan campaign donor.


“Governor Hogan’s weak response to his administration’s unethical pay-to-play practices is proof that he does not fully embrace the accountability and transparency voters expect,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews.“Maryland taxpayers are still waiting for a full explanation from Governor Hogan on why and how Secretary Rahn broke state procurement procedure, then recommended his former employer for a $70 million contract.  It’s time for Governor Hogan and Secretary Rahn to come clean.”


Hogan’s weak response to the scandal comes hours after the Baltimore Sun Editorial Board highlighted Hogan’s failure to hold Rahn to the same standards he holds Democratic officials.  The Sun noted that while Governor Hogan called on Baltimore County Superintendent Verletta White to “answer some pointed questions” over her failure to disclose several thousand dollars in income—which the governor called “outrageous”—the governor has said that Secretary Rahn has his full confidence.


Hogan had no problem calling on Democrats to take responsibility during the 2014 election.  In December 2013, Hogan said the “Governor and Lt. Governor” were “ultimately responsible” for the difficulties experienced during the rollout of Maryland health exchange.  He also accused them of “trying to run away from responsibility”