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Governor Hogan’s Approval Rating Drops Almost Fifteen Points

Mar 24, 2021

MARYLAND Today, Politico highlighted Governor Larry Hogan’s rapidly falling approval numbers. A joint poll by Northeastern University, Harvard University, Rutgers University, and Northwestern University showed that Hogan’s approval rating has dropped 14 points, and the recent Goucher spring poll showed that 35% of Republicans don’t approve of the job he’s doing

Hogan’s plunging poll numbers are tied to his shrinking base in the increasingly Blue state. The Governor’s numbers will only continue to fall as voters learn about his opposition to the massively popular American Rescue Plan — including how Hogan specifically singled out pensions to be slashed as 10% of all adults in the state report not having enough food to eat. 

Even Hogan himself recognizes his waning political influence, admitting that he doesn’t “know if I have a future in the Republican Party.” With President Biden’s historic 2020 win in the state and far-right politicians like Rep. Andy Harris and former President Trump steering the GOP,  it’s clear that not only does Hogan not have a future in the Republican Party, but that the Republican Party doesn’t have a future in Maryland. 

This is exactly why top election analysts have repeatedly predicted that Maryland Democrats will win the state in 2022. 

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