Desperate Andy Harris Calls Trump for Help

Nov 05, 2018

Annapolis, MD—Desperate Andy Harris just launched a robocall recorded by Donald Trump in a last-minute attempt to save his seat in Congress. Trump’s robocall called Harris a reliable ally and failed to mention his attempts to cancel federal funding to preserve the Chesapeake Bay, his efforts to strip healthcare from 54,000 families in CD-01, or the devastating impact of his hateful immigration policies.  Maryland’s crabbing industry has suffered millions in lost economic activity after Trump’s immigration policies prevented crabhouses from hiring seasonal workers from other countries this year.

Maryland Democratic Party chair Kathleen Matthews issued the following statement in response:

“If it were up to Donald Trump, funding for Chesapeake Bay cleanup would be cancelled, 54,000 families in the district would lose their healthcare, and the crabbing industry would be destroyed. While Jesse Colvin will be an independent voice for the Eastern Shore, this desperate 11th Hour robocall shows that Andy Harris would continue putting the interest of his Washington allies ahead of his constituents.”

The robocall comes after weeks of bad news for Andy Harris. Last week, the Baltimore County Democratic Central Committee chair Tara Ebersole called on Harris to explain why he scheduled a Congressional visit with a far-right Czech political party that called for “Jews” and “homosexuals” to be “gassed.” Harris still has not responded.

Last month, Harris was criticized by the former president of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science for still doubting the existence of climate change in 2018, he lost a televised debate to Jesse Colvin, he was scrambling to respond after Maryland Democrats filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics about his failure to report significant spousal income on his financial disclosure form, and The Post reported that he has paid his wife more than $130,000 from his campaign accounts.