Dem Coordinated Campaign Contacted More Than 550,000 Voters in Two Days

Nov 05, 2018

Annapolis, MD—On the eve of Election Day, Maryland Democrats have the momentum after the Maryland Democratic Coordinated Campaign contacted 568,000 voters on Saturday and Sunday. With the help of 8,300 volunteers who have completed shifts, the coordinated campaign has made more than 3 million voter contacts since August in its effort to turnout more than 1 million Democrats on Election Day.

“From Ben Jealous to our candidates in federal, state and local races, Maryland Democrats have the momentum as we start the final sprint to the finish line,” said Maryland Democratic Party chair Kathleen Matthews. “After four years of skyrocketing healthcare costs, stagnant wages, and declining support for education, voters are eager for Ben Jealous’ and Democrats’ bold, courageous vision for Maryland.”

Democrats’ field organizing strategy will capitalize on Democratic intensity in 2018. More than 30 percent of voters in the June 2018 Democratic primary voted in 2016, but did not vote in 2014, and data from the Board of Elections shows that Democratic turnout during early vote this year was three times as high as turnout during early vote in 2014.  

The party is projecting a 20 percent increase in the general election as a result of an energized Democratic base.