BREAKING: Hogan Hides as Republicans Attack Dr. Blasey Ford & Move Forward with Kavanaugh Nomination

Oct 04, 2018

Annapolis, MD—During an interview with the Baltimore Sun editorial board, Larry Hogan ducked, dodged and refused to say if he supports Brett Kavanaugh. Hogan also failed to take the opportunity to stand with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford amid an unprecedented and callous barrage of attacks from the Republican Party, Hogan said, that he did not “feel educated enough to make a decision” and that he’s “not qualified to make those decisions.” Hogan’s artful dodge comes on the heels of his refusal to disavow Maryland Republican Congressman Andy Harris’ “vile” comments referring to Dr. Blasey Ford as a “troubled woman” with “psychological problems,” and Donald Trump’s callous remarks mocking Dr. Blasey Ford.

In the more than 120 hours since Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony, Larry Hogan has ignored multiple calls for him to state clearly and unequivocally whether he believes her earnest, convincing and credible allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway refused to say if President Trump believes Dr. Blasey Ford and questioned the veracity of Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony.

While Hogan appears to have doubts about Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony, Republican Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker made his position clear, telling reporters, “I believe Professor Ford.”

Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Fabion Seaton issued the following statement renewing the party’s call for Larry Hogan to let Maryland voters know if he supports Dr. Blasey Ford:

“Larry Hogan has taken many cowardly positions during his time in office, but his refusal to stand by Dr. Blasey Ford as she is being relentlessly attacked by the Republican Party is by far the most cowardly. While Donald Trump and the Republican Party are attacking Dr. Blasey Ford, Governor Hogan cannot find the courage to stand up for her and all survivors. It’s shameful. Governor Hogan’s cowardly dodge is just another example that he is not the leader Maryland needs. Maryland needs a governor like Ben Jealous who has the courage and the vision to stand up for Maryland values and move Maryland forward.”