Maryland Democratic Party’s Response to Republican Larry Hogan’s Statement on the Arizona Abortion Ban

Apr 12, 2024

If he wants to represent Marylanders he will need to dedicate more than a 27-word statement to abortion access

Republican Larry Hogan aligned himself with extremist Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake on the Arizona abortion ban. Both masterfully have read the political tea leaves and like the true politician he is, now realizes how unpopular abortion bans are – they are the dog that caught the car.

But here’s the problem – Republican Larry Hogan used ZERO of his full 27-word statement to say how he will protect and restore women’s access to abortion nationwide. He is banking on people giving him a pass and hoping his word salad of a statement says just enough while saying nothing at all about what he will DO to protect rights.

You have to judge a person by what they do, not what they say. When given the chance to “protect women and stand against extreme policies” he didn’t do it. He vetoed legislation and fought against protections. Marylanders deserve more than tweets, they deserve a US Senator who will fight to restore their rights and be clear about their beliefs.