Republican Larry Hogan’s Record Shows What He Believes About Abortion

Apr 12, 2024


Mitch McConnell’s hand-picked Republican Senate Candidate Larry Hogan continues to avoid being straight with Maryland voters on just how out of the mainstream his views on abortion are…and that is when he is not laughing at being asked about protecting women in Maryland and across the country.

And while his silence speaks volumes, he can’t cover up his decades of anti-choice views and actions.

What follows are the unvarnished views of Republican Larry Hogan, not a poll-tested position:

  • In 1980, Larry Hogan worked with his father trying to ban abortions through executive order in Prince George’s County hospitals.1

  • Larry Hogan was “disappointed” when the Judge threw out the executive order aimed at banning abortions.2

  • Larry Hogan Sr., whom Larry Hogan worked closely with, referred to the Hogan’s as the “First Family in Maryland when it comes to opposing abortion.”3

  • When Larry Hogan ran for Congress in 1981, he supported an amendment aimed at overturning Roe v Wade.4

  • During the same campaign, he proudly tried to distinguish himself in the field by campaigning on a federal abortion ban through a constitutional amendment.5

  • When he ran again for Congress in 1992, he still wanted to roll back abortion rights by having states impose restrictions.6

Mitch McConnell picked Larry Hogan to be the Republican candidate because he has been aligned with the modern Republican party’s out-of-the-mainstream views since he entered the political scene 44 years ago and he knows he will be the 51st vote for whatever Republican abortion bans move out of the Senate.

Marylanders are smart and won’t be fooled by a wolf in sheep’s clothing when they go to the ballot box in November.

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