Wait…There’s More…Hogan’s Anti-Choice Record is Loonnnnggggg

Apr 12, 2024

Republican Larry Hogan’s anti-choice record is so long it can’t fit in just one email

In our earlier email, we could only make it to 1992 before we ran out of room to list all of Mitch McConnell’s handpicked candidate Larry Hogan’s anti-choice record. But we thought it was worth one more email today because this topic is too important to Marylanders – abortion access and what our leaders will do is literally life or death for women across the nation.

Below are so many more actions that show you what he would do as the 51st vote in a Republican Senate – and it’s all actions that Marylanders have continually said do not align with their values.

  • In 2019, when the federal government again attacked Planned Parenthood, the Governor stood on the sidelines while Democrats protected access.7

  • In 2022, as Governor, he vetoed the Abortion Care Access Act.8

  • In his FY23 budget and in his role as Governor, he withheld $3.5 million in required money meant for abortion care9

  • In February, with attacks on abortion happening from federal courts and state activists, Larry Hogan abortion was just an “emotional issue for women” and that the abortion protection amendment in Maryland “wasn’t really necessary”. 10

  • In March, candidate Larry Hogan refused to support federal protections for abortion.11

Between 1980 and 2024, every time there has been a chance to stand up for women’s healthcare, Republican Larry Hogan has been on the side of (and many times leading the parade) those fighting to ban abortion and take the rights of Maryland women away.