Florida’s 6 Week Abortion Ban Puts Larry Hogan’s Abortion Views in the Spotlight – Launched to Hold Him Accountable

May 02, 2024

Republican Larry Hogan’s abortion views are out of step with what Maryland voters want

The Maryland Democratic Party is partnering with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to hold Larry Hogan accountable for his decades of anti-abortion efforts. As part of the push, the DSCC has launched to make sure Marylanders know where Republican Larry Hogan really stands – and it is not on the side of women.

Florida’s 6 week abortion ban goes into effect today and adds yet another state to the list of places putting the life of women at risk. And if Republicans get their way in November, they will move to ban abortion nationwide – and that includes in Maryland. The path to a Republican Senate goes through Maryland with Larry Hogan representing the 51st vote.

For 8 years, Larry Hogan received a pass on his regressive views because he had the protection of Democratic Supermajority doing all of the heavy lifting to protect Marylanders while he sat on the sidelines. Now, as a candidate for Senate, his views need to stand on their own – that is – if he ever ventures outside of the candidate protection program.

“Larry Hogan is hiding from tough questions because he knows his views are stuck in 1980, the first year he publicly opposed abortion,” said Dr. Charlene Dukes, First Vice-chair of the Maryland Democratic Party. “I’ve spent years as an advocate for women and students on college campuses and Larry Hogan’s views would set us back if he has a chance to implement them”