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Governor Hogan’s Incompetence and Hypocrisy Revealed… Again

Dec 30, 2021

Transparency for thee but not for me…

Maryland — Governor Hogan’s mask has slipped again. He loves to grandstand on his competency and transparency, but conceals information on a regular basis. Once again, we are seeing who he is, not who he pretends to be.

This time it’s his disappearing messages, which were reported on today by The Washington Post and Baltimore Sun, which sheds more light on the ways in which he avoids accountability and looks out for #1 — himself. Hogan’s office argues that he is not subject to Maryland law requiring retention of records because he is the “head” of Maryland government, and not a “unit of the state government.” This is laughable on its face – he is the face of state government and subject to the same scrutiny.

Let’s look at the evidence: he covered up the fact that 500,000 COVID tests, which cost Marylanders $9.46 million, were useless in an attempt to appear as the hero last year, he was derelict in his duty to keep Marylanders informed during this month’s Maryland COVID numbers blackout, and we just learned that he failed to notify the public about the mishandled batch of vaccines, which were spoiled, but still administered to the public.

Hogan does not think he’s accountable to the people. His first consideration is always how it will affect his political image – not what’s in the best interest of Marylanders. The people will always play second fiddle to his political ambitions.