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Video Release: Hogan’s Pattern of Partisan Hypocrisy

Feb 16, 2017


Annapolis, Md. – As Governor Larry Hogan continues to dance around Trump, the Maryland Democratic Party released a web video today that highlights Hogan’s pattern of partisan hypocrisy.

While Governor Hogan recently said that it’s not his “role” to protect Maryland from Donald Trump’s harmful agenda, Hogan had no problem criticizing President Obama’s policies back during his campaign days in 2014. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Hogan issued “tough talk” on Obama: “We’ve got to be tough, we’ve got to stand up for Marylanders, we’ve got to fight back against the federal government, and we’ve got to, if necessary, take these other states to court.” (Hogan campaign video, 8/14)
  • Hogan blasted Annapolis for not pushing back on environmental protections: “... yet the current Administration in Annapolis has done virtually nothing to push back against the federal government when it comes to a solution to the sediment flowing into the Bay from New York and Pennsylvania. Only by pushing back against the EPA can we make sure that we are not bearing a disproportionate burden for Susquehanna runoff and pollution.” (2014 WYPR Gubernatorial Candidate Survey, WYPR, 5/22/14)
  • Hogan praised other states for suing the federal government over health care reform: “Virginia for example sued the federal government and said we don’t like ObamaCare; we don’t want to institute anything. They told their residents, if you want ObamaCare, you go on the federal site, we’re not spending one penny. (Larry Hogan on the Derek Hunter Show, WBAL, 3/25/14)

Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Bryan Lesswing released the following statement:

“Governor Hogan tried to score political points by attacking Obama back during his campaign days, but is now silent on Trump. Marylanders shouldn’t fall for Hogan’s pattern of partisan hypocrisy.”

Watch the web video here.