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Trump Cuts to NIH Expose Hogan’s Empty Slogan on Jobs

Mar 30, 2017

Annapolis, Md. – While Governor Larry Hogan likes to talk jobs, his rhetoric rings hollow when he refuses to stand up for the jobs at NIH that are on the Trump budget chopping block.

A new study released yesterday shows that NIH – which Trump’s budget plan will cut by 20% – supports 18,970 jobs in Maryland and generates $3.407 billion in local economic activity.

“If Governor Hogan really cared about Maryland jobs and the economy, then why won’t he stand up for the NIH jobs that are on Trump’s budget chopping block,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Bryan Lesswing. “Marylanders deserve a leader who will stand up for their jobs no matter who is running the White House, not more of Hogan’s empty slogans.”

Unlike Hogan, other Republican Governors are speaking out against Trump’s cuts to NIH. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said that cuts to NIH were “not just bad for Massachusetts, it’s bad for the country.” Ann Romney, wife of a GOP Presidential nominee who has shared her battle with MS, told Yahoo News this week, “I will be the first one down lobbying against this if someone will sign me up for that.”

Analysts overall predict that Trump’s proposed budget could cut 200,000 good-paying federal workforce jobs (many held by Marylanders) and reduce employment in the greater region.

Earlier this week, Marylanders, elected officials and community leaders called on Governor Larry Hogan to speak out against Trump’s plan to cut Marylanders’ jobs. Hogan refused.