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Hogan and Trump Two Peas in a Pod on Rejecting Clean Energy & Green Jobs

Mar 31, 2017

Annapolis, Md. – Earlier this week, President Donald Trump issued an executive action that shifted focus away from creating green jobs and curtailed the expansion of renewable energy.

It turns out that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s record isn’t much different.

“Donald Trump’s shift away from expanding the booming renewable energy sector is only matched by Governor Larry Hogan’s rejection of green job creation in Maryland. They are both two peas in a pod,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Bryan Lesswing. “Whether it’s his failure to stand up for NIH jobs that are on Trump’s chopping block or turning his back on creating green jobs by supporting Democrats’ renewable energy goals, it’s clear that Hogan puts his own agenda ahead of what’s best for Maryland’s economy.”

Earlier this year, Hogan vetoed the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which would boost the state’s booming renewable energy economy and help create thousands of good-paying jobs in Maryland. Democrats in the General Assembly successfully overrode his veto.

Not only was Hogan willing to veto the creation of green jobs and inflict uncertainty in Maryland’s booming clean energy sector that supports more than 180 solar companies and over 5,000 good-paying jobs, he and his allies outright tried to kill the effort.