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MD Democrats Stand up to GOP to Protect Your Internet Privacy

Apr 03, 2017

Annapolis, MD – Maryland House Democrats are standing up to Republicans who are marching in lockstep with Donald Trump to allow internet companies to sell your personal search history.

Earlier today, Republicans in the General Assembly refused to allow Democrats to introduce HB1662, which would have prevented internet service providers from selling customers’ browsing data.

“Radical Republicans in Washington and Annapolis are handing over your private online information to giant telecom companies to sell to the highest bidder. Every Marylander’s privacy is in jeopardy. Every Marylander should be outraged,” said Maryland House Majority Leader Bill Frick, the lead sponsor of the measure.

The legislation pushes back against the congressional Republican effort in Washington to gut an Obama-era privacy rule that gave customers greater control over how internet service providers could share their browsing information. President Trump is expected to sign the anti-privacy legislation.

“Republicans in Annapolis just said that it was ok for internet companies to sell your search history,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Bryan Lesswing. “President Donald Trump has Maryland Republicans to thank for helping push his anti-privacy agenda at home. Marylanders deserve to know if Governor Hogan will protect their privacy or continue carrying out Trump’s agenda in Maryland.”