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RELEASE: DNC chair candidate Tom Perez Delivers Keynote at 18th Annual Democratic Legislative Luncheon

Jan 10, 2017

For Immediate Release:
January 10, 2017
Jazzmen Knoderer
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DNC chair candidate Tom Perez Delivers Keynote
at 18th Annual Democratic Legislative Luncheon

Annapolis, MD — In advance of the 2017 General Assembly session, the Maryland Democratic Party held its 18th Annual Legislative Luncheon. DNC chair candidate Tom Perez delivered the keynote address.

During the 2016 General Assembly session Democrats pushed a progressive agenda to improve the lives of hardworking Marylanders, families, military veterans and seniors. The party will continue the fight for every Marylander when session resumes this week with a renewed effort to pass earned sick leave, secure education funding for public schools and ensure environmental protections for the Chesapeake Bay and our state’s natural resources.

Please find the excerpts of remarks as delivered below:

Maryland House Speaker Michael E. Busch

“The people that are our constituents expect us to stand up for democratic values – quality education, accessible healthcare, transportation and job creation. We have to get tougher, stronger and more assertive. Our job is the uplift the hardworking men and women of Maryland.”

Maryland Senate President Miller
“We’re going to have strong democratic values enunciated day after day. We’re going to stick together like we never have before. When sine die comes, the Speaker and I will be standing shoulder to shoulder. Our committees will work together and come up with a plan that we will all be very proud of. We are not going to backtrack on women’s rights, we’re not going backwards on civil rights, we’re not going backward on the environment and we’re not going backward on healthcare.”

United State Senator Ben Cardin  
“We are focused. If we can find areas where we can work with the new Trump administration, we’re going to work with them. We want the Trump administration to be successful. But quite frankly, we’re finding it difficult when we see what he said during the campaign and what he’s done so far. And when he deviates from the values of this country, we’re going to stand up and fight. We’re going do everything we can to protect the people of this country.”

DNC chair candidate Tom Perez
“We’ve got to be out there, whether we’re in Worcester County or Garrett County or Baltimore City or Prince George’s County. We’ve got to be out there organizing. The work you’re doing this session provides the framework for that organizing. The work you’re doing is all about the issues that keep people up at night. That is why I am so excited to be here. America is watching you. Maryland has always been that progressive model of leadership. But we need to continue your work. It’s one thing for this governor to say he didn’t vote for [Trump] we need governors in this state and everywhere who will lead the fight against Donald Trump, not simply say, ‘I didn’t vote for him.’”

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