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MDP Statement on Trump's Second Amendment Comments

Aug 09, 2016

For Immediate Release:
August 9, 2016

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Jazzmen Knoderer

MDP Statement on Trump’s Suggestion “Second Amendment People” Can Stop Clinton 

Annapolis, Md. – Maryland Democratic Party executive director Chuck Conner released the following statement today in response to GOP nominee Donald Trump suggesting that “Second Amendment people” may find a way to stop Hillary Clinton from nominating Supreme Court judges:
“If Republicans hoped their candidate would pivot as we head into the general election, Trump today proved that he has no intention to dial back his dangerous rhetoric. His candidacy is already a threat to our country’s political norms. But today’s comments are a new low for Trump and the GOP. The suggestion of violence against an opponent has no place in civilized political discourse. Now is the time for Republicans, nationally and here in Maryland, to decide if they’re willing to put party over country in their continued support of Donald Trump.”