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Larry Hogan (Still) Silent On Trump’s Tax Hike

May 03, 2017

Annapolis, Md. – While Governor Larry Hogan continues to stay silent, other Republican Governors like New Jersey’s Chris Christie (and Hogan mentor) are taking a stand against Trump’s proposed plan to raise taxes on middle-class families.


“If Governor Chris Christie can say no to Donald Trump’s plan that raises taxes on New Jersey middle-class families, why can’t Governor Larry Hogan do the same for Marylanders?” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Bryan Lesswing. “Hardworking Marylanders can’t afford Governor Hogan’s ‘wait and see’ approach.’”


Trump’s tax proposal would eliminate the state and local tax deduction, which is used by nearly half of Marylanders taxpayers and amounts to an average deduction of $12,400 per individual. 


According to the Tax Policy Center, Maryland is the top state to claim the deduction. More than 40 percent of all state taxpayers benefit from tax relief with the deduction.


Earlier this week, the Maryland Democratic Party launched a clock on its homepage to count how long Hogan refuses to stand up for Maryland taxpayers against Trump.

This isn’t the first time Governor Hogan has been the last to lead among his colleagues.


When red, blue and purple state Republican governors stood up for their respective states against Trump’s disastrous health care bill earlier this year – Governor Hogan stayed silent.