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On Equal Pay Day, Maryland Democrats Challenge Governor Hogan to Stand Up for Women and Working Families

Apr 04, 2017

Annapolis, Md. – Today on Equal Pay Day, Maryland Democratic leaders are calling attention to Governor Hogan’s record this session that sides against women and working families.

Last month, Democrats in Annapolis introduced legislation to offset any cuts to Planned Parenthood Maryland made by Trump and Washington Republicans at the federal level. Hogan was “noncommittal” on supporting the legislation.

Hogan also pledged to veto current earned sick leave legislation that would arrive at his desk this session, adding that the bills were “dead on arrival.” Expanding earned sick leave would benefit 700,000 working families in Maryland, many with women as the primary breadwinner.

“Equal pay for equal work is about economic security for working women and their families, and that also includes pushing for paid sick leave and affordable health care,” said State Senator Susan Lee, Montgomery. “Democrats are committed to supporting working women and their families in Maryland, and we hope Governor Hogan will join us.”

“Equal Pay Day represents an important opportunity for men and women alike to reflect on how women’s work is valued by our country,” said Delegate Brooke Lierman, Baltimore City. “Right now, more than half of working women lack access to earned sick leave benefits. Marylanders deserve to know why Governor Hogan thinks working women should have to choose between a paycheck and taking care of a sick child or loved one at home.”

“Women are the primary or only breadwinner in 40 percent of American families.  Their children are as adversely affected by the gender pay gap as they are.  If we can eliminate the pay gap in Maryland, women would be able to afford 6 more months of rent, 70 more weeks of food, or 5 more months of mortgage and utility payments,” said Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk, Prince George’s and Anne Arundel. “By merely paying a fair wage, on par with what men earn for doing the same work, we can improve the quality of life for 40% of Maryland’s families.”

“Equal pay raises a larger discussion about helping working women and their families, which is why Governor Hogan owes Marylanders an explanation for why he opposes efforts like earned sick leave and won’t commit to protecting Planned Parenthood from the Trump agenda,” said Maryland Democratic Party interim Chair Kathleen Matthews. “Maryland working women and their families not only deserve leadership on equal pay for equal work, but also affordable health care, representation in elected office and opportunity to get ahead.”