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Did Hogan Fail to Run Background Check on Own School Board Nominee?

Mar 07, 2017

Despite pushing for background checks on new lawmakers, Hogan won’t say whether he vetted his own nominee with troubling legal record, failed to pay taxes


Annapolis, Md. – Despite grandstanding on ethics earlier this year, Governor Larry Hogan won’t say whether or not he vetted his own school board nominee who has a troubling legal record and failed to pay taxes.

According to AP, “A nominee to the Maryland State Board of Education faced tough questions Monday about a record of traffic offenses, including a driving under the influence of alcohol charge, and thousands of dollars in unpaid state taxes.”

Both the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post report that Hogan refused to say whether or not the nominee was vetted. According to the Post, “A spokeswoman for Hogan did not immediately return a call for comment about Cooper’s background or the vetting process.”

Not only are the revelations alarming, they also expose Hogan’s hypocrisy.

In January, Hogan pushed to run background checks on appointed lawmakers who were filling vacancies in the General Assembly.

The following statement was released by Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Bryan Lesswing:

“It’s alarming that while Governor Larry Hogan was grandstanding on ethics issues and even sought to run background checks on lawmakers earlier this year, he won’t say whether he vetted his own school board nominee who has a troubling legal history and failed to pay taxes.”

“As Governor Hogan stays silent, it just shows Marylanders that he thinks he is above his own ethics rules.”