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Chair Poole's Message to Campaign Volunteers

Nov 11, 2016

Fellow Democrats,
You were noticed. We saw you. We saw you putting up signs, distributing literature, staffing offices, and carpooling to other states and doing the countless things it takes to run campaigns. We heard you. Knocking on doors, phone banking, calling in to talk radio shows and chanting at rallies and applauding our candidates. You stood on the right side of history and you made a difference.


In Maryland, you were part of a coordinated campaign effort that held a vitally important U.S. Senate seat and kept seven out of eight House of Representatives’ seats in the hands of Democrats. And although we didn’t win the White House, you played a vital role in helping to get out the vote for the Clinton-Kaine ticket. You are deeply appreciated. All of us at the Maryland Democratic Party know how important your work and support has been and that we would be weak and tepid without you.


The future looks brighter in Maryland as a direct result of your dedication. We now have in Senator-Elect Chris Van Hollen a person who will be a star in the U.S. Senate and a tireless defender of the values that our party holds dear. We have, in the Maryland Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives, the best, brightest and most effective delegation of any section of Congress in the entire country. We have in Mayor-Elect Catherine Pugh and the new Baltimore City Council every reason to believe that the City is poised for a comeback and it is time to bet on Baltimore again.


And we have every reason to believe that we can repeat this performance in 2018 and crush the GOP plans to take over our state government. From Senator Cardin to our presiding officers of the General Assembly, and all of our state and local elected officials to our powerhouse federal delegation, there is deep appreciation for all that you have done and deep resolve to win decisively in 2018. Stay tuned and stay engaged. We will be back and we will need you.

D. Bruce Poole