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Amidst Governor Hogan’s “Facebook Ban” Scandal, Reminder that Hogan Presumably Manages His Facebook Page

Feb 10, 2017

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February 10, 2017

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Amidst Governor Hogan’s “Facebook Ban” Scandal, Reminder that Hogan Presumably Manages His Facebook Page

Several questions remain about Hogan and staff involvement, taxpayer dollars used to censor Marylanders


Annapolis, Md. – Governor Larry Hogan’s “Facebook ban” continues to unfold with new developments. The focus now turns to Hogan and his staff’s involvement, and whether taxpayer dollars were used to censor and ban Marylanders from his official Facebook page.

Reminder: Hogan has bragged about his “addiction” to his own Facebook.

And staff  previously confirmed Hogan’s involvement in managing his Facebook, admitting “the governor is the one who usually pens responses to various comments.”

Marylanders deserve answers to important questions that remain unanswered:


  • Did taxpayer dollars go towards censoring and banning people on Hogan’s official Facebook page?

  • Why were anti-Trump posts specifically targeted by Hogan? Does this allude to Hogan’s private support for Trump?

  • Is banning and censoring dissenters what Hogan meant by his campaign slogan, “Change Maryland”?

This week, the Maryland Democratic Party filed an expedited release of Hogan’s records.

Maryland Democratic Party executive director Chuck Conner released the following statement:

“Governor Hogan has previously bragged about personally managing his official Facebook page, so Marylanders deserve to know if he had a hand – and whether or not taxpayer dollars went towards – censoring and banning his own constituents.” 

“If Hogan’s Facebook Ban is his idea of changing Maryland, then the Trump agenda is hitting closer to home here in Maryland than we previously thought.”

See below a round-up of coverage of Hogan’s Facebook ban this past week:

Baltimore Sun (editorial): “What Mr. Hogan is doing in terms of deleting comments is clearly not in the public’s interest, and to the extent that it insulates him from understanding issues that animate his constituents so much that they join in a ‘coordinated effort,’ it’s not in his interests either.”


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