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Hogan’s Strategy on Trump: Ignore Reality, Neglect Lawyers and Censor Constituents

Feb 13, 2017

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February 13, 2017

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Hogan’s Strategy on Trump: Ignore Reality, Neglect Lawyers and Censor Constituents
Annapolis, Md. — This week, Maryland Democrats will continue to defend the state from Donald Trump’s harmful agenda by giving Attorney General Brian Frosh the authority to file lawsuits against the federal government.
What is Governor Hogan’s plan? Ignore reality, neglect lawyers and censor constituents.
Ignore Reality: During an interview this weekend, Hogan highlighted how Trump is at the top of Marylanders’ minds, but nevertheless complained, “… the only questions we get about it is, ‘Why aren’t you protesting Donald Trump?’ and, ‘Why don’t you go to BWI to do this and that?’ I don’t see that as my role,” Hogan said.”
Neglect Lawyers: According to the Baltimore Sun, “Frosh said Friday that he asked the Republican governor nine days earlier for the go-ahead to sue over Trump’s freeze on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, but hadn’t received an answer.”
Censor Constituents: Hogan and his team were caught censoring and banning constituents on his official Facebook. More than 450 people have been blocked from Hogan’s page over the past two years.
The Governor doesn’t want to admit it, but Trump’s agenda is already having a harmful impact on Maryland:

  • Economic Worries: Some analysts worry that Trump’s federal government hiring freeze would have “an instant chilling effect on a state already suffering tepid job creation while impairing the ability of government to function.”
Maryland Democratic Party executive director Chuck Conner released the following statement:
“It’s disappointing that instead of working with Democrats to defend Maryland families from Trump’s harmful agenda, Governor Hogan is sticking to his plan of censoring constituents, neglecting lawyers and overall ignoring reality. Whether it’s kicking people off their healthcare, threatening jobs or tearing families apart, Maryland can’t afford for Governor Hogan to continue sitting on his hands while Trump’s agenda hurts our state.”