Starting Today – 52,000 Maryland Children Will Be Lifted Out Of Poverty

Jul 15, 2021

The Expanded Child Tax Credit Will Go to Marylanders Today, Despite Opposition from Larry Hogan and Congressional Republicans

Today, the families of 1,125,000 Maryland children will begin to receive a monthly tax cut of up to $300 per child as part of the American Rescue Plan. This tax cut — which was championed by President Biden and Maryland’s Democratic Congressional Delegation — will lift 52,000 Maryland children out of poverty, and will cut child poverty in half nationwide.

Unfortunately, the life-saving aid was opposed by every single Congressional Republican, including Rep. Andy Harris who called the effort “morally bankrupt.” Governor Hogan also opposed the plan, saying he would have voted against it.

In total, the expanded Child Tax Credit will provide relief of up to $1,600 per child — a crucial boost to working families who are living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to pay for the high cost of childcare.

As one Maryland mother explained “[the Child Tax Credit will] provide a lot more relief to families like me, like my husband, like my kids, who are living paycheck to paycheck… [it will] allow me to continue working.”

“Today’s first Child Tax Credit payments are a huge win for working families across our state. Thanks to President Biden and Maryland Democrats, families will receive a monthly tax cut to help cover crucial expenses like child care and rent. This major tax relief for working families is poised to lift millions of children out of poverty, no thanks to Larry Hogan or a single Republican in Congress,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis. “The timing of this relief could not be better, it will support a return to work for Marylanders who lost their jobs or income during the pandemic — and lies in stark contrast to Larry Hogan’s cruel attempts to take away aid for those looking for jobs. As always, President Biden and Maryland Democrats are delivering real results for working families, while Republicans just play politics. Maryland, help is here.”