Sounds Like Larry Hogan and Donald Trump Have the Same Position on Women’s Reproductive Freedom….

Apr 08, 2024

Larry Hogan and Republicans’ anti-abortion plans mean abortion is on the ballot twice in Maryland this November


This morning, Donald Trump reminded everyone where the Republican Party stands when it comes to women and their healthcare decisions – right next to Larry Hogan.

Republican Candidate Larry Hogan has promised to caucus with the Republicans who are directly responsible for ending safe access to abortion for tens of millions of women across the nation – and he refuses to support restoring these rights at a federal level.

This matters and impacts Maryland – where women in neighboring states like West Virginia – need to flee to find safe healthcare. Democrats are the ones fighting to protect Maryland women and women across the nation who face life threatening medical emergencies when their states impose draconian abortion laws since there are no federal protections.

In fact, Republican Larry Hogan not only refuses to restore federal abortion rights, he laughed (see video below) when asked about protecting women in Maryland.

And his refusal to protect women’s healthcare as a Republican senator is disqualifying on its own. His history of standing on the sidelines when leadership mattered reinforces he is the wrong choice for Maryland.

Recently, Republican Larry Hogan called abortion an “emotional issue for women,” and said a constitutional amendment protecting abortion access “wasn’t really necessary.”

With abortion under attack across the country from federal Republicans, we can’t allow Republicans to control the US Senate in November and threaten access to abortion in Maryland.

Make no mistake – abortion is on the ballot twice in November.

Maryland cannot afford to hand the healthcare decisions for millions of Maryland women over to the Republican Senate – which Larry Hogan would be the 51st vote for their out-of-the-mainstream agenda.