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Where Is Kelly Schulz?

Jun 24, 2021

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kelly Schulz is Nowhere to be Found.

Maryland More than two months after launching her campaign, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kelly Schulz is nowhere to be found. The only sign of life from her campaign was an announcement video filled with platitudes and devoid of any policy proposals. Schulz has not held a single public event, has been hiding from reporters, and has refused to take a stance on any of the key issues Marylanders care about. 

For someone who attended Donald Trump’s inaugural ball, Schulz has been notably quiet about her support for the former president — she has yet to comment on his false claims of election fraud, the rhetoric that led to the January 6th insurrection, or if she’d support him again in 2024. 

Schulz has also not taken a stance on policies that have helped our state. Next month, the families of 1,125,00 Maryland children will receive a $1,600 child tax credit, lifting 52,000 children in our state out of poverty. This was made possible by President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, and was opposed by Larry Hogan and Andy Harris. Marylanders deserve to know, does Kelly Schulz also oppose this lifesaving aid?

“Kelly Schulz has been in the race for over nine weeks, but so far, all we’ve heard is radio silence,” said Maryland Democratic Party Spokesperson Zachary Holman. “Voters deserve to know where Kelly Schulz stands on key issues like the American Rescue Plan, former President Trump’s election lies, and the looming Climate Crisis. Maryland needs a governor who will show up for our people, that’s clearly not Kelly Schulz.”