Trump Year One: MDP Releases One-Pager on Hogan’s Failure to Fight for Marylanders

Jan 19, 2018

Annapolis, MD — Ahead of the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, Maryland Democrats and advocates are condemning highlight Governor Hogan’s failure to stand with Marylanders against the destructive Trump agenda. 

In Trump’s first year in office, Hogan refused to join Marylanders on the frontlines of the fight to save the Affordable Care Act, has refused to fight for Marylanders in immigrant communities, ignored the GOP Tax Scam despite mountains of evidence that it would harm Marylanders, and has brought Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ war on public schools to Maryland.

Click here for the one-pager on Hogan’s failure to fight for Marylanders.

“In the first year of the Trump administration, Republican governors around the country have been vocal against the destructive Trump agenda while Governor Larry Hogan has been missing in action,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews. 

“During the fight to stop TrumpCare, I asked my constituents to write and call Governor Hogan to urge him to speak out against the bill, but he ignored them,” said Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk on Governor Hogan’s failure to fight to save the ACA. “Like them, I was disappointed that he chose not to join us in the fight to save Marylanders’ healthcare.”  

“In the last year, we have seen repeated attacks on immigrant communities, and Governor Hogan has been silent on these issues,” said Delegate Carlo Sanchez on Hogan’s failure to fight for immigrants living in Maryland.  “Marylanders deserve a Governor who will have the political courage to stand up and fight back against immoral and unjust actions.  Governor Hogan has failed to do that in the first year of the Trump Administration.”

“I was very disappointed that Governor Hogan did not take a forceful position against the Republican tax scam bill,” said Delegate Jimmy Tarlau on Hogan’s silence on the GOP tax scam.  “This bill is going to be a disaster for all Maryland residents, especially residents in Montgomery and Prince George’s County.  Democrats in the General Assembly have taken action immediately to protect Marylanders from this bill, but unfortunately, Governor Hogan hasn’t done anything.”

“When it comes to education, it is not Governor Hogan’s silence that’s the problem, it is his full embrace of the same failed policies that Donald Trump and Betsy Devos have been championing for years,” said Maryland State Education Association Assistant Executive Director Sean Johnson on Hogan’s embrace of the Trump-DeVos war on public schools.  “Trump and DeVos know that they have a partner in Governor Hogan.  They have the same policy priorities as it relates to advancing unaccountable charter schools and trying to make bigger investments into private school vouchers.”