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Statement From The Maryland Democratic Party On COVID-19 Relief Bill

Maryland’s Democratic Congressional Delegation Helped Pass the Bill

Maryland – Tuesday, December 22nd, Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis released the following statement after Congress, including all nine members of Maryland’s Democratic congressional delegation, voted to pass COVID-19 stimulus and relief: 

“I am grateful to the efforts of Maryland’s entire Democratic congressional delegation, especially Majority Leader Hoyer and Senators Cardin and Van Hollen, who worked tirelessly to pass this bipartisan COVID-19 relief and stimulus package. While the bill is not perfect, and our work is far from over, this effort will help the many Marylanders desperately in need of relief. 

“After months of Republican obstruction, this bill is an important step forward, and will provide temporary assistance to struggling families and businesses across our state and nation. Thanks to the hard work of our Democratic delegation, the bill will renew the successful Paycheck Protection Program, extend eviction moratoriums, and provide an additional $300 of weekly unemployment benefits. I’m also encouraged by the almost $50 billion allocated for COVID-19 vaccine purchases and distribution, and hopeful that Americans can begin to get vaccinated and we can return to normalcy. once more. 

“It is unfortunate that Republican Senators opposed desperately needed state and local aid, along with larger direct checks. At a time when over 20 million Americans are still unemployed, $600 dollars is simply not enough. Similarly, with Maryland expecting a $609 million decline in state revenue in the fiscal year 2021, state and local aid should have been a top priority — unfortunately, Republicans cared more about protecting big corporations

“When we take back the Senate with the Georgia runoff elections, President Joe Biden can build on this bill with more, larger, relief for Marylanders and Americans. Until then, this is a good start, and I applaud our congressional delegation for all their hard work.”