MD Democrats Call on Hogan to Stand up to Trump’s Inhumane Border Policy

Jun 19, 2018

Annapolis, MD—Many Republican leaders have unequivocally condemned Donald Trump’s inhumane child separation policy and have called on the administration to end the policy, but not Larry Hogan.  Instead, Larry Hogan has joined Donald Trump’s blame game and is pointing fingers at Congress—leaving Hogan once again out of step with fellow Republicans like Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, who today announced that he would not be sending his state’s National Guard to the border to enforce Trump’s “cruel and inhumane” policy of separating children from their families.


The Maryland Democratic Party is calling on Larry Hogan to follow Governor Baker’s lead and take a moral stand by refusing any requests for Maryland National Guard troops to be deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border.


“Governor Hogan is silent as Donald Trump rips crying children from their parents at our borders, and treats this issue as a political problem for his re-election campaign, not a moral issue, which is how most Marylanders see it,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews.  “Maryland Democrats are calling on Governor Hogan to take a stand now to deny any request to deploy the Maryland National Guard to the border.  Times like these require moral leadership and once again, Governor Hogan is failing to rise to the challenge.”

Hogan’s weak response to this crisis puts him out of mainstream with the vast majority of American in opposition to Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s anti-immigrant agenda:

  • 66 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump’s cruel policy of separating children from their families.


  • 59 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump’s handling of immigration, more than any other issue.