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Maryland Republicans Oppose Lifesaving Aid

Mar 16, 2021

Maryland’s Two Highest Ranking Republicans Oppose the American Rescue Plan

MARYLAND Tuesday, March 16th, as Marylanders across the state begin to see direct relief checks in their bank accounts, Maryland’s two highest-ranking Republicans — Governor Larry Hogan and Representative Andy Harris — spent their week opposing the lifesaving aid to families. 

The American Rescue Plan, signed into law by President Biden last Thursday, is a historic $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package that will put money in the pockets of Marylands, increase vaccination efforts, and lift 52,000 Maryland children out of poverty. Yet, Governor Hogan and Rep. Harris opposed this package with Hogan saying I don’t think I would have [voted for it] and Rep. Harris repeatedly voting against the life-saving package.

Rep. Harris directly criticized the $1,400 relief checks received by 3.4 million Maryland adults and 1.2 million Maryland children, calling them morally bankruptand saying that they’reway too much.” With 33% of all adults statewide reporting difficulty covering normal household expenses, and 17% of renters in the state behind on rent, Harris’ claims are simply absurd. 

Governor Hogan called for striking a trillion dollars from the American Rescue Plan, specifically signaling out pensions to be slashed as 10% of all adults in the state report not having enough food to eat. 

“The attacks on the American Rescue Plan by Governor Hogan and Representative Harris shows the clear contrast between our two parties. Democrats have delivered aid to the American people — putting money in pockets and shots in arms. Republicans have done nothing but obstruct and play games with the help families are counting on,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis. “Governor Hogan’s suggestion that the American Rescue Plan should have slashed pensions is deeply out of touch with reality, Marylanders are struggling, and they simply cannot afford to sacrifice life-saving aid in the name of Washington bipartisanship. Over 70% of Americans supported this package, that’s a true bipartisan consensus. Help is here — and it’s thanks to President Biden and the Democratic Party.” 

The American Rescue Plan will deliver $3.816 billion in Maryland state fiscal relief, $2.092 in Maryland local fiscal relief, and will send more than $2.013 billion in relief to Maryland K-12 schools. You can find more information on the American Recovery Plan’s impact on Maryland and its contents here